Hero: Dog violently bites his owner for beating his wife

A dog became a hero for a woman in the Spanish city of Tarragona. Because he dared to bite his owner’s face in an attempt to stop him of the blows he was giving his wife.

The couple was in the middle of a discussion. That soon reached the physical aggression on the part of the man, of 25 years. The dog, who observed everything from the beginning, began to bark at the man. And later rush on him and gave him some bites.

The Dog bites his owner’s face

Although the barks from the Dog did not stop the man from giving in the blows. But he kept barking, and that raised awareness. The scandal of both the couple and the dog the neighbours decided to call the authorities. To stop the fight and prevent him from mistreating his partner

When the security operatives of the Urban Guard of Tarragona arrived the scene. And upon entering the place they proceeded to stop the man. The husband presented bites in the nose and the forearm made by his Dog.

They also interrogated the woman, who claimed to be physically and verbally abused by her partner for more than a year. She had injuries caused by her partner, so she was soon offered medical attention. In addition, she was accompanied to the hospital as she filed a complaint against her partner for physical abuse.

There is no doubt that animals realize everything. Because it has not been the only time they risk their own lives to defend the victims of assailants, batterers and others. Being the cases of dogs the most remarkable.

Do you think that Dog plays a role in preventing domestic violence?

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