Homeless man in tears when he is reunited with his missing dog

Tears with spouts and cuddles to contradict you. And if it was a touching reunion between owner and dog in Leeds. The homeless young man in question was therefore desperate when his four-legged friend was missing last week. A homeless organization could bring the two together again.

According to volunteers from homeless organization ‘Helping Hands’, dog ‘Crystal’ ran away on January 15th. She and her owner Lee (24) had been looking for a warm sleeping spot in a tunnel near Leeds Central Station when men started arguing in their neighbourhood. Crystal put it on a walk and she was gone.

Inconsolable Homeless man

Lee was inconsolable. “She is everything I have”, he declared in dismay to the volunteers of Helping Hands. They were very caught by his story and shot into action. They called in the help of, among others, Murphy’s Army, who tries to reunite missing and stolen dogs in the United Kingdom with their owners. Multiple searches followed, flyers were distributed throughout the city and on social media.

Sometimes tips came in that the dog was seen, sometimes there were rumours that she was taken by someone else. Much to Lee’s despair.

Helping hands

After a little more than a week, a game hunter struck the animal, healthy and sound in a park a few kilometres away. “It was great when we received that call,” says Toni Mella Sweeney of Helping Hands.

“It was a week full of panic and sadness, where I often sat with Lee to comfort him and to ensure that everything was put on everything. When I got that call, I immediately went looking for him. And then we were able to reunite him with his treasure. As you can see on the images, things really went very emotional.”

Homeless man and his dog

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