Removal of term limits results to the military coup – Liberian president tells ECOWAS

The President of Liberia, George Weah, did not mince his words when he pointed out that the frequency of military coups in Africa is only the result of modifying constitutions by heads of state. He made the statement following the increase of military coups
in West African.

However, this statement can only make the Ivorian Alassane Ouattara uncomfortable, as he has carved a constitution for himself. A big paving stone is thrown in the garden of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) by a head of state who is a member of this sub-regional body.

The Liberian leader, George Weha, charged his fellow Presidents with the recurrence of putsches in Africa, primarily West Africa.

The extraordinary virtual summit of heads of state of the Economic Community of West African States on Guinea and Mali, which was held Wednesday, was seized by George Weah to ask his peers to question the origins of putsches in the sub-region, the latest of which was the one perpetrated against the Guinean Alpha Conde.

“Is it possible that there is a correlation between these events and political situations where incumbents change constitutions to remove term limits through referendums?… Or could it be a mere coincidence?” the Liberian head of state asked.

According to George Weah, “if the removal of term limits is a trigger for the overthrow of governments, then perhaps ECOWAS should do everything possible to ensure that term limits in the constitutions of all member states are respected”.

A proposal that directly affects one head of state, that of Côte d’Ivoire, Alassane Ouattara, and that challenges another, the Senegalese, Macky Sall, who is said to be planning to run for a third term.

In any case, it must be recognized that George Weah has hit the nail on the head for West African leaders.

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