How do you friendzone, someone? 5 tips if you don’t have feelings

Everyone probably recognizes this. You get a lot of attention from a woman, but you see nothing in it and prefer to remain friends. You tried to make it clear to her, but she didn’t get the hints. That’s the moment when it’s time to put her more clearly in the friend zone.

How do you friendzone, someone?

The situation is a familiar one, and it happens to the best of us. We understand that it can be difficult to reject someone because you will probably break her heart with this. Still, every woman deserves honesty and transparency because it would be even worse if you lead her on. Keep in mind that that will probably only hurt a woman more in the long run, and be honest. If you don’t see a future and prefer to stay friends, it’s really important to put her in the friend zone. But how do you friendzone someone in a normal way?

First of all, we want to clarify that you absolutely should not beat around the bush. While this sounds tempting because it comes across as less harsh, it’s the slightest smart move you can make. The woman who likes you might be over the moon and can’t interpret all the hints correctly.

That’s why you have to say clearly what it means. Indicate that you do not have mutual feelings for her or that you are not in love. This will probably hurt her, but she can’t avoid it. That way, it is immediately clear. It sounds harsh, but this way, she can process the pain the fastest.

Other tips to make it clear that you don’t have feelings

You can, of course, immediately reject her and say that you see no future in you. You state that the feelings are not there from your side and that they will not come. However, you can also do other small things differently or respond to comments differently to give her false hope. Everything to make it clear that she is no more than a friend and certainly won’t be.

Don’t do anything with compliments

When you get to know each other a little bit, you often start exploring and flirting a bit. This can be done, among other things, by good compliments. That one woman who likes you will probably regularly give you (disguised) compliments.

Your gut feeling probably tells you to give a compliment back. However, this is not a convenient thing to do. This way, you give her the feeling that you also like her, which is exactly what is not going on. Thank you kindly, and move on to the next topic.

Don’t comment on other flirting moves

Winks, touches, or eye contact. All little things that she will try to impress her a little. Make sure your body language makes it clear that you are not open to this. So please don’t give in to winks or eye contact and make it clear that you don’t like touching. That’s how she takes it the right way.

Introduce her to your (best) friend

Of course, this can come across as some “proposal moment,” but you should try to make this more of a friendly moment. Introduce her as “a regular friend” to immediately clear to your friends and the woman concerned. A hard way to get it through, but a clear way.

Act like a brother

If you have a brother or sister, you know exactly how this band works. A bit funny, but still friendly and fun with each other. That’s exactly how you want her to experience the bond between you. Also, avoid acting like a protective big brother. This may send the wrong signals.

Discuss your love life now and then

She needs to know clearly that there is no chance and that you get on with your life. Of course, you don’t have to give all the updates on your new dates every day because that can become too much of a good thing. You can tell her now and then about a nice date or a new woman that you are having a good time with. Ordinary friends do this too.

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