How fast do you get up from chair? What it says about your health

How quickly we can get up from a chair and stand on one leg reveals a lot about our balance and our longevity.

According to researchers, the pace at which we walk and the strength of our handshake are important indicators of longevity. The elixir of longevity has not yet been found, but that does not stop researchers from continuing their relentless search for it.

But it seems that instead of looking for it in chemicals, test tubes and innovative molecules, they should instead focus on our daily habits.

The solution to the longevity puzzle may lie in simple everyday things, such as the force with which we shake the hand of a stranger, the speed at which we walk, and even how quickly we can get up from a chair or stand on one leg.

British researchers thoroughly examined all available data from 28 observational studies investigating the relationship between these measures of physical fitness and mortality. Their exciting conclusion was that participants who performed well on at least one of the above physical tests had a reduced risk of premature death than those who did not.

How fast do you get up from chair? What it says about your health

The pace of walking turns out to be a strong indicator of longevity. A typical finding is that those who walked at a slow speed had up to three times the risk of untimely death than those who maintained a faster walking pace.

These simple movements reveal a person’s physical ability to perform daily tasks even at an advanced age. But it’s never too late to start simple, like getting off the couch and going for a brisk walk taking a big step towards longevity!

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