“How hypocritical can you be?”: Meghan under fire for baby Archie’s blanket

Although Meghan Markle (37) and Prince Harry (34) have millions at their disposal, they apparently do not always buy the most honest products. Thus, the Duchess of Sussex has come under heavy fire because she was spotted with a blanket that would have been made in degrading circumstances. The sheet comes from an Indian factory where workers get barely 41 cents an hour.

At the beginning of July Meghan Markle attended a polo match of her husband Prince Harry. She also took their baby Archie with them, which she rocked back and forth during the match in a white blanket with gold accents. The blanket would be made of organic materials but was made by workers who have to work in degrading conditions in Indian textile factories.

The British Daily Mail visited the factory where the blanket, which by the way is from the Malabar brand, was made. The newspaper spoke with various workers who were completely in shock when they were told that their products are being sold in Great Britain for an amount that they have to work for two full weeks. “We struggle to make ends meet every month and life is difficult,” it sounds. The blanket is sold in the United Kingdom for around 38 euros.


The employees are satisfied that Meghan has bought ‘their’ blanket since it can increase sales enormously. Although there is, of course, a small chance that the additional sale will also have a positive effect on the wages of the workers. “I am happy if the factory keeps working for us. I work all the hours that God gives us because we have to. We do not understand anything about saving the world and what is or is not organic. For us it’s about working and surviving.”

“How hypocritical can you be?”: Meghan under fire for baby Archie's blanket
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According to the British media, it is Meghan’s “hypocrite” to buy the blanket. Prince Harry’s wife would not miss a chance to present herself as ‘ecologically aware’, while in reality, she buys a product that is made in a factory where workers have to make do with a hunger wage.

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