How mum does multitasking on a daily basis with this great photo

It’s obvious that Mum or dad is not always, especially now that most couples combine the care of their children with 2 full-time jobs. Let alone if you are single. That often requires a large portion of multitasking and this picture, which in the meantime goes viral on the internet, is a good example of that.

The American Jazmyne Futrell has 4 children and sometimes does not know where her head is anymore. Instead of posing perfectly on social media, she just shared a very honest photo online showing how she is cooking while breastfeeding her youngest and reading her son’s homework.

Her other children are playing at her feet. Her husband secretly took the photo and encouraged her to share it to help other parents.

“Friends with no kids: “you go to bed at 9 pm? Girl I can’t fall asleep before 11 pm.”

“Mom friends: “you go to bed at 9 am? Girl I can’t seem to stay up past 8:30.” With four kids I’m way too exhausted to even think about having a life after dark and way too busy to go to bed at a decent hour,” Futrell wrote with the photo.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, she said that she often wondered if she could actually continue to do this.

“With this photo, I hope to show other mothers that they are not alone in this and that it is sometimes difficult for everyone. There are just too few people that are honest about social media and I want to change that. ”

How mum does multitasking on a daily basis with this great photo

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