How to attract good luck if you’re always unlucky

It would help if you did not count on luck because it always acts as a random prize, which also needs to be earned in advance. Luck is different, just a chance for some people becomes a turning point, turning their life one hundred and eighty degrees, for others – just a good day, which will still be forgotten in a week. Only those who do nothing at all have no luck at all.

Although it is hardly possible to do anything at all, which means that some luck comes to everyone, rewarding him according to his deeds. You can say that luck is on the side of the one who is sympathetic to it, but for such high attention, it is necessary to have a certain set of qualities. If you are constantly unlucky, train yourself in qualities that will attract good luck and improve your life a little bit.

You have to keep getting better at what you do

Regardless of the activity, a person can always become better, more professional, more efficient, just faster, in the end. The better you get at what you do, the more likely you are to meet with good fortune, but there is a catch. If one does not like his or her job or occupation, there is a great risk of not seeing luck, even meeting it up close and personal. A willful lady, who is not accustomed to waiting long and can not tolerate any indecision, will soon find another favorite. At such times, seeing how others take advantage of luck without a drop of shame, people begin to complain about injustice and lack of luck.

It’s all about man-place, when the question is posed: does this person take his place or does someone else’s place take a person’s place? To attract good luck, you need to be a complete master, maybe even a creator of your place, so that when you have an unplanned encounter, you feel confident. A man who dislikes or is ashamed of his occupation is not interested in luck because he looks unworthy. After all, he literally tolerates his existence, and the best possible prize would be to be ignored. Perhaps this will convince the eager one to change his line of work, and finally, become the object of interest of her majesty Luck.

You have to use the gift of speech

We have the gift of speech, it is such an important thing that it is even called a gift like no other distinctive human attribute. Everyone uses this gift to the extent of his or her understanding and awareness. For some, it is a way of expressing themselves somehow by telling unfunny jokes, using words whose meaning the speaker himself does not understand. For others, the gift of speech is a career, self-fulfillment, creativity. How many great and beautiful, low and terrible things have been created by words alone. The gift of speech can enchant the minds of listeners, and the more often a person uses it, the higher the chance of enchanting fortune that happens to pass by.

She hears everything and may not take it seriously, but she has a taste for pretty words like many women. Luck sometimes watches you with genuine interest. A miracle is not something special for luck, like a snap of the fingers – “oops and ready your miracle, rejoice, do not thank”. That’s why luck is never stingy and can give a chance to anyone who interests it in any way. Even if according to the “book of destinies” everything is determined with the person, luck can click with only one thought – “well, what if it works?”

You need your own style, some kind of identity

Society does not like upstarts, and luck, as if in response, does not like society, it likes the individualists, dreamers, romantics. That’s why individual people can be lucky, but any society as a whole is unhappy, envious, apathetic. You need your own style, it doesn’t matter in what or for whom, even if it’s just for yourself. What’s important here is simply the realization that everyone else is doing it somewhat or a lot differently. And, of course, the quality of what you create, whether it’s a product, a service, or a creative process, must not be diminished.

The distinction is called that because it is what distinguishes its author, the creator. Since the line of work does not matter for good luck, but only specific people, a distinctive style can work as bait. Again, however, a caveat: a special style can only emerge with the deepest immersion in the field, which means a sincere interest is needed. Otherwise, the “own style” will turn into a crooked copy of a not-so-best version, or even into the usual unwillingness to do things normally, as they should.

It takes self-confidence to attract good luck

Imagine how many suitors swirl around luck, she is free to choose from the best, and the choice will hardly fall on someone who is forever mumbling or drowning in his own indecisive bitterness. Looking under your feet, you will not stumble, but you will not meet good luck because it flies in the sky, and that’s where you should look more often. Down there is a dirty sidewalk, cigarette butts, overturned trashcans, puddles, rotting leaves. Above, a clear sky, maybe and with snowflakes. The sun is still there, peeking out and shining. Such different landscapes also give rise to very different thoughts with ideas.

It’s extremely simple, head up, and that’s enough to get you started. You have no reason to hide your face or your eyes – everything is shared up there. Moreover, no matter how bad a person is, they can’t hurt the sky, taint the sun. The higher one’s self-confidence, the lower one’s need for luck, it may get to the point where one will challenge it oneself. Perhaps luck will even feel rejected and begin to pursue the chosen one herself.

Need a sense of comfort during the active process

The place where you create, work, or just sit, should be comfortable as possible, depending on the type of activity. A car mechanic is unlikely to keep his hands clean, but there is a choice of tools and protective equipment. An office worker sits in front of a computer all day, but he or she can choose a keyboard, a chair, even tea or coffee. Everyone has their own work fetish, some things keep a positive atmosphere, others have useful practical properties, others bring good luck.

A kind of altar of good luck can be any thing, the main thing that the owner himself believed in the special properties of the object. The fact is that to some peripheral ornaments, it comes in the last turn, when everything else is put in full order, and luck has probably already visited you and not once. Having felt its light and warm touch, a person decides to build a house for good luck, bringing something from home or buying some trinket in the nearest store.

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