How to be the best for your man

What woman does not dream of becoming the only one for her chosen one? At the beginning of her acquaintance, she wants to win the heart of a man, and how long the relationship will be and how happy the partners will depend not only on her but also on the young man. But it is worth remembering that a lady always has little tricks in store, thanks to which she can keep a man and become the best for him.

7 lady’s tricks that will help you become best for your man

And it all really works.

Always keep calm

When a woman is very annoyed or even angry, she may say nasty things or do something that she will soon regret. It is worth remembering that excessive aggression and tantrums scare off men. All of us, of course, are real people, but still, we should keep ourselves in hand as much as possible and try to restrain our anger.

Take short breaks in conversation, breathe deeply, or be distracted by something that can calm you down, be it a stroll down the street or a cup of hot coffee.

Stop babysitting the man

If they go beyond reason, Guardianship and care turn a man into an infantile, confused, lazy person who cannot make a single tough decision. You don’t have to babysit your partner as a mom. Over-control can either ruin your relationship or tire you out to the point where you don’t want to continue.

Yes, and some men feel uncomfortable if their ladies try to control every step, calling and dictating their terms all the time.

Share positive emotions

If the chosen one knows how to enjoy life, does not complex, and calmly seeks a way out of even the most difficult situation, then a man is pleased to be with her. But if a girl whines all the time, swears, complains about life, and is fixated on her complexes, then the partner stops rushing home from work because she does not want to listen to another batch of complaints about life. If you want a man to always run to you, never frown and try always to be positive.


Do not stop there and continually develop to be interesting for your partner and yourself. Never stop learning something new, and don’t give up on your goals and hobbies.

Do not skimp on compliments

Men are susceptible to praise, so do not forget to periodically praise the chosen one, reminding him how good he is. But only the reason must be real, not fictitious; otherwise, the man will suspect flattery.

Learn to listen

Many young people are not very fond of girls who talk incessantly. However, telling your life partner how you feel and what is in your mind is very important. But we must not forget that your partner is also a living person, therefore sometimes he needs to speak out and share something important with you. Listening is an invaluable skill that a man appreciates.

Stay weak at least sometimes

Remember that you are a woman and don’t take on too much. It is better to let the man deal with some problems independently, be it replacing a tap or solving financial issues. Try never to touch truly masculine matters, such as repairing a bedside table or dragging a heavy chair from place to place. There are things that only the men should do, and you, rushing to the embrasure, only lose your femininity.

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