How to become more selfish and why you need it

The most unselfish people are often the most unhappy because they end up alone with their selflessness, which does not bring any benefits. No matter how talented, strong, and intelligent a person is, he will not succeed without a certain amount of selfishness. The world is so arranged, and life confirms this; it remains only to determine the most necessary share of selfishness so that it does not grow into something disgusting or pathetic.

1. You can’t reach the top without selfishness

If you spend all your strength and resources on others, even close friends or the dearest people, nothing will be left for yourself. At the same time, there are no guarantees that when necessary, you will be answered in the same way, if only because they may not have such an opportunity. To get the latest stories, install our app here

This does not mean that you need to become a miser like Scrooge McDuck; it is not necessary to deny everyone everything — so you can remain completely friendless. However, at the stage of laying the foundation of your life, your future should be an absolute priority. Later, when you reach the top, and if you want, you can become selfless.

Until then, your unbuttoned shirt performs the function of a sail, which is stuffed with endless winds-requests. They make it difficult for an already difficult ascent; as a result, the forces may run out halfway or even completely break down. It is doubly important to be selfish if you have enough strength and talents. When you get to the very top, you can hand the laggards, if you don’t forget about them.

2. Improve your professional level

Egoism can be very different, including ridiculous and pathetic, overstated and unreasonable. To prevent healthy self-esteem from becoming a laughing stock, you need to improve your professional level constantly. It does not depend on the field of activity because, in any business, there is always someone better than you, which means there is always room for achievements.

It all depends on the particular egoist, his abilities, and his position. The higher the professional level, the more adequate your claims and desires look. Thus, egoism can be placed in the widest range of emotional perception from the outside, from contempt to an example to follow.

3. Appreciate yourself and your work

A person who does not value himself usually fades away quickly. First morally, then physically, and soon ceases to live, choosing existence. No philosophy, only materialism; for example, if you become indifferent to your own body, it will quickly weaken, grow fat, and lose shape. No one will like such a body, but the root cause of your attitude towards it changes. It was you who didn’t appreciate your own body, which is one and for life.

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The problem with physical fitness can be solved by training additional loads. The process is not very fast and certainly not the most pleasant — about the same way you can “fix” your self-esteem. However, this is not an empty whining, no complaints about the whole world, but real and hard work that must be done independently. Valuing yourself and your activities is important because otherwise, you will be treated like a beloved pet, and this is at best.

4. Selfishness makes you free

A special additive in selfishness neutralizes excessive patience, stimulating change. If you don’t have a good morning every morning because of the need to go to a hated job, if all this has been going on for several years, there is only one way out – go to the doctor and ask to prescribe selfish pills. In general, even now, you are free to change your life as you like, but there are always reasons to be patient a little more.

One day there will come a time when no pills will help because the habit of patience will replace all other feelings and desires. This “a little more” usually stretches to infinity, and the general situation becomes more complicated. Do not tolerate what is unbearable.

5. Do not confuse healthy selfishness and overestimated heart rate

An overestimated emergency is when a person who is nothing of himself, often unprofessional even within the chosen field of activity, is confident in his irreplaceability, almost in being chosen. Such a situation is as far from healthy egoism as the North and South Poles. The landscapes seem to be similar; everything is covered in snow and wild cold, but on the one hand, there are penguins, and there is soil under the ice, and on the other, there are only icebergs and emptiness. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Healthy selfishness is the result of a sober assessment of one’s situation, perhaps with artificial dyes and flavourings. However, it does not distort the picture beyond recognition but rather indicates the direction, albeit implicitly. But, like everything else, selfishness needs a reasonable balance; otherwise, it will turn into something completely different and not healthy.

6. Without selfishness, you will always be led

Selfishness does not tolerate blind submission, and if it does, it is only to gain experience and speedy liberation. A person devoid of selfishness, on the contrary, is ready to endlessly do something for someone, remaining in the eternal subordination of other people’s interests. Both positions can be glorified and equated to virtue. To get the latest stories, install our app here

However, you will be praising yourself, reaping the fruits, and accumulating good in one case. In another case, others will sing of you, collecting the fruits of your labour.

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