How to increase the life of a candle

Candles are a great way to warm and cozy atmosphere in an apartment. However, those who use them frequently are likely to constantly have to wash the molten wax out of the candlesticks and buy new ones. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that can increase the life of your candle.

If you want your candles to burn twice as long, here’s what you can do

How to increase the life of a candle

Candles will last much longer (almost double) if placed in the freezer a day before use. The fact is that with strong cooling, candle wax hardens, which slows down the combustion process.

This will also cause some candles to be dripless and burn straight out rather than fade at one end.

Candles are unlikely to deteriorate in the freezer, so they can be stored there permanently (if space is available). The thicker the candle, the longer it takes to freeze. However, on average, one night in the freezer is sufficient.

How to increase the life of a candle

A pinch of salt placed on top of the scented candle, where the wick is, makes them last much longer. A perfect trick is to put it in cold salted water a few hours before turning it on. With this solution, you will prevent the candle from melting quickly or fading.

A handful of salt on the bottom of a giant or large candle is ideal, especially if inside a vase or lamp. Beware of flammable objects around lighted candles: salt in contact with fire can create crystals that produce sparks!

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