5 tips to keep your jewellery last longer

The jewellery is always impressive when fooling around in the windows, but that is still new. They are bright and beautiful. But after buying a piece of jewellery, you may have noticed that this shine is slowly disappearing. And so the jewellery does not look new.

It is important to get suitable quality accessories, but you must also maintain them properly. There are ways to take care of your jewellery, thus increasing its lifespan. This way you will enjoy them even more. Below you will find some tips on how to make your jewellery look new.

What to do to make your jewellery look last longer

Wear your jewellery last, but take it out first

It would help if you never forgot to keep your jewellery properly, wear it last and take it off first. To avoid destroying them by making a sudden move by putting on your clothes and to prevent any stains from hair sprays, deodorants and colognes!

Be careful how you clean your jewellery

5 tips to keep your jewellery last longer

It would be best if you were careful when cleaning your jewellery. Do not use too much water or heavy cleaners. You can get special cleaners for jewellery or ask for advice from the store where you bought them. It depends on the material of each piece of jewellery.

Alternatively, you can clean them with a cloth by dipping them in a little water with baking soda.

Store your jewellery separately and individually

5 tips to keep your jewellery last longer

It is essential to store your jewellery properly so that it does not wear out. There are special cases and boxes for jewellery with special dividers that are very convenient so that the jewellery does not get tangled with each other. This way, you will find what you want much more accessible.

Do not sleep with your jewellery

During sleep, you turn around and make movements that you do not consciously understand. So if you wear jewellery at bedtime, there is a high chance that it will get damaged or damaged. In addition, they will bother you and may injure you. So always take them off before you go to sleep!

Take off your jewellery when you bathe or do housework

5 tips to keep your jewellery last longer

Putting on the jewellery is very enthusiastic, but taking it off is a bit boring for that, and you may forget about it. But you should never forget it, especially if you are going to take a bath or work at home. This is because water, shampoos and various household cleaners can very easily spoil your beautiful jewellery.

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