How to keep a relationship strong and happy? 5 simple rules

The paramount of partners in every good relationship is to keep it alive and happy. However, strong relationships are built on respect and trust, with other rules that can make relationship alive and longer. Researchers found out what emotions in a couple are likely to lead to an early breakup and talked about avoiding common mistakes that lead to a breakup.

If you want your relationship to continue and the couple does not break up, you need to act.

It turned out that the most important factor is the assessment of the relationship. What each person thought about the state of their relationship – in particular, whether they felt valued and loyal to them, whether they received sexual gratification within the relationship, and whether they believed that their partner was also satisfied – had crucial. Individual factors had little to no effect on the outcome, and at the outset, it seemed to researchers that nothing could predict whose quality of relationships would improve and whose quality would deteriorate. However, in reality, everything depended on the internal assessments of the union.

It turns out that strong positive relationships

are not about finding the perfect partner or trying to change the one you have chosen. Instead, you need to prioritize your relationship and make sure you keep working on it. What’s the best way to do this? The experts gave some tips to keep our relationship alive and blooming.

Respect and praise your partner

Show respect for your partner often, and feel free to show how much you value them. An expert suggests a 5: 1 ratio. This means that you need to voice five positive comments to your partner for every negative comment.

Spend time dealing with conflicts regularly

Set aside regular time to work on unresolved conflicts. Listen to each other, try to understand the other’s point of view, offer compromises, and learn to manage differences instead of counting on the conflict to resolve itself. They are inevitable, so you have to deal with them anyway.

Treat relationships like a plant or pet

Treat your relationships like living things – something that requires regular care and attention to thrive.

Find a balance between the general and the personal

Spend time doing certain activities together, remember to work towards common goals, and encourage each other to pursue personal interests and develop in the chosen direction. It gives life to the relationship and demonstrates mutual trust.

Accept and be patient

Be tolerant. Nobody’s perfect. After all, you are probably telling bad jokes too and repeating the same story over and over again

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