What is it like to be the third person in the relationship

You may have just dated a few times and have a great time. But, something floats in the air, and then you understand that you are finally the third person in the relationship.

And of course, you do not want to believe that you are the one who is in a couple, but it is a fact.

So what is it like to be the third person in the relationship?

It is pretty challenging to know that you are not the only relationship in your partner’s life and even more difficult when you realize that there is a high chance that you will never become the only person in the relationship.

But even if you accept the situation, you have to be realistic and not go blind because there is a danger that you will start to feel insecure and think that you are not important enough for the relationship


Being the third person in the relationship is often a soul-destroying process that can wear you down over time.

It is also essential to think that it does not allow you to build your life and live your relationship freely when love is illegal. Most of the time, the unfaithful partner can give vain hopes to the extramarital affair to keep it as long as possible. He may even go through the process of telling you that he will divorce, even when it never happens.

The only sure thing is that being the third person in the relationship is not beautiful. It may start as exciting and romantic, but it almost always ends up in a sad, frustrating state. After all, no one deserves to be in the shadows and get doses of joy with the dropper.

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