How to live with a cat when you’re allergic?

After the international cat day, we put the cat in the flowers. Nevertheless, in two-thirds of cases, cat is responsible for allergies caused by pets.

However, people take them into their homes en masse. Even when they cause discomfort to people with allergies.

Despite the ailments such as sneezing and red eyes, how can you live comfortably with cats?

Remove as many cat hairs as possible in your house

Cats carry most allergens in their fur. The important thing is that you comb your cat as much as you can or have it combed to reduce hair loss in the House.

Also, avoid carpets where the hair can nest and use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that can absorb the smallest allergenic particles. Finally, you should air out the house every day for 10 to 20 minutes.

Find a custom litter box

Use a litter box that is sealed so that allergens in the urine do not have the chance to spread freely when your cat pees. If you can convince someone else to empty the litter box, so much the better.

Don’t leave your cat in the bedroom

Even if you are not in the room yourself, it is important that your cat cannot enter. They also leave allergens everywhere that may still be present after two years. To avoid any risk, lock the room door pretty well.

Choose a variety

Some breeds, such as the Siberian cat, the Sphynx, the Korat, the Devon Rex, and the Balinese, are known to be hypoallergenic. They lose fewer hairs and as a result produce fewer allergens compared to other cat breeds. Female or castrated cats also produce fewer allergens than males.

How to live with a cat when you're allergic?
©EPA – Two hairless Sphynx cats.


It is not recommended to take a cat into your home with young children with allergies to pets. In addition, the effectiveness of the measures for adults is not yet conclusive. A visit to the allergist can therefore also help.

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