How to recognize a married man: 7 signs that you are a mistress

It happens that you meet a man and everything goes well until you find out that he has a legal wife. If being a lover is not a script for you, you will only regret that you wasted time with him. How to recognize a married person?

7 signs your man has a wife and is hiding it

He has a ring mark on his finger

Of course, modern men rarely wear a wedding ring, and indeed they can live in a civil marriage, but still, it is worth looking at his ring finger on his left hand. If you notice a barely visible trace of wearing a ring for a long time, you should know that your beloved is deceiving you.

He often misses calls

All married men “burn” on this. Missing a call from a wife is like death. Notice that your man puts his phone face down, silencing the call and hiding from you who is calling him? Briefly cuts off: “I’m busy. I’ll call you later”? Jumps out for a smoke break to make a call? Do not hesitate; you are not alone with him. Most likely, your lover is married and hides it from you.

He does not invite to his house

Wondering why you meet all the time at your place, in hotel rooms, or at his friends’? Try asking to visit him. Most likely, a man will immediately find a lot of reasons and excuses why it is impossible to visit him.

This is another signal that he is not clean on hand, and you need to think. Of course, some call mistresses home in the absence of their wife, not forgetting to hide all her things that may catch their eye. And the ladies blinded by love will think that their gentleman is single, but this is not so.

You meet at a specific time

Do you dream of spending weekends and evenings with your beloved, but he is always busy and invites you to meet only on weekdays or in the afternoon if work allows him? Do you rarely see each other because he has a lot to do? A couple of times a week in fits and starts? He’s married!

No, of course, a man can call you on an evening date somewhere in a cafe or hotel, but he will go home to spend the night without you. Because, rightly so, he had urgent business to do. Believe me, a man in love and interested in a relationship will want to spend as much time with his girlfriend as possible and sleep with her in an embrace. If not, don’t believe his excuses.

He calls on his own and is on schedule

A man who has something to hide will most likely not give you his phone number. Or it will be unavailable in the evening. Better yet, he will say that he will call himself. And in general, why, when there are a lot of messengers? With their help, you can send a message and a photo.

Is he not responding in the evenings, even on Messenger or WhatsApp? Says he went to bed early and didn’t hear, or forgot his phone in the car? Believe me, he doesn’t part with it even in the toilet, but he’s just lying to you. By the way, try to find out how you are recorded in his phone book. If by name and surname, then you should be on your guard.

He’s very secretive

If it seems to you that a man is hiding something from you, then intuition is unlikely to let you down. You do not know where your man lives, works, and rests, but he is in no hurry to tell you about it? Does the man not introduce you to his family and friends? It becomes obvious why.

Understatement from the very beginning of the relationship, lengthy explanations, and excuses, suspicious behavior – all this indicates that your lover is married. He is either hiding something from you or hiding you from someone. As a result, you know almost nothing about your companion and this is suspicious.

He is against general photographs

A joint photo, especially one posted on a social network, is evidence and serious. This is a reason for a scandal, evidence of treason, and subsequent divorce. Married men who have mistresses are afraid of quarrels and family breakdowns like fire.

They are not going to spoil their relationship with their wives and divorce them. So if your loved one flatly refuses to be photographed with you, coming up with reasons on the go, he may be hiding something, but, of course, he will not admit it to you.

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