How to recognize a narcissistic personality?

Narcissism is a mental characteristic in which a person is considered better than others, which usually does not correspond to the declared one. As a rule, such traits are present in almost every person, but usually, in a healthy person, they manifest themselves differently. For example, such people pour them out in the desire to please others.

Society generally accepts that the narcissistic person loves himself, but this is not the case. It would be correct to say that such individuals admire their projection, which allows them to hide all the flaws in their self-esteem. Narcissism protects self-doubt. A person who has this mental disorder has a negative attitude towards negative comments and refuses to take them personally.

Several signs to recognize a narcissistic personality

Having constant fantasies of power, love, or money

If we talk about relationships, then when the narcissist enters into them, he expects the embodiment of his fantasies from the partner. Usually, such a relationship does not last long since the other half is not ready to withstand such pressure.

The narcissist is great at work. By the way, if he has not achieved great results, he will remain confident that success awaits him in the future. Motivation and belief in one’s own success are always present in him.

Demands attention, admiration, and recognition regularly

This can show up even in the smallest things, like taking out the trash or making breakfast.

Uses other people to his advantage

The narcissist is not accustomed to sincerely thanking for the help provided, but he does so only for ethical reasons.

Practical complete lack of empathy

They do not know how to empathize and put themselves in the place of another person. Because of this, individuals who suffer from this mental disorder do not think about what the person who is the first to hurt is feeling.

Arrogant attitude

Such a person believes that he is better than others, and the shortcomings of others are only a reason for self-affirmation.

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