How to seduce a man easily without stress

When you hear about seduction, what typically comes to your mind? What do you think about women seducing men? A woman needs to be patient, cunny and clever to get what she wants.

She needs to listen to what the man has to say and then learn from her past mistakes. I’m not saying this will be rosy, but it will pay off in the end.

Once you get to know what kind of person he is and what he is enthusiastic about, it will be much easier to win him over. Seducing him is not a big thing at all. It will be a snap for you.

Ways to seduce a man without stress

Get your eyes to do the work

Most likely, the first thing a man will notice about you is your eyes. Many men like to stare into a woman’s eyes as long they meet her, even as they check out her cleavage or size up the rest of her figure. The eyes can convey passion, mystery and want without a word. Use this to your advantage by seducing him with frequent eye contact.

Make sure to look straight at him when he’s talking, and at other times when neither of you is talking, and hold your glance for a second or two longer than is comforting. It may be challenging initially, but the more you do it, the better it will get.


Are you aware that there are different types of smiles? Some you don’t want to use, like the false smile, but you can still mix it up.

Try a cunning smile that says I know something you don’t, coupled with a soft, quiet laugh that makes him wonder what you’re thinking.

Smile when he approaches or says something amusing.

Give him a fake smile if he uses a tacky pickup line. You don’t want to give him away with his tail between his legs, but you do want him to know you’re on to him.

Make up for it with your smile! Like eye smile, if you are learning how to seduce a man, there are many ways to use it.

Focusing on your voice

At times it doesn’t matter what we say, but how we say it. When talking to him, try to focus on your voice. Now I’m not saying you should talk like a horny star or tell him how good looking and super hot he is every minute, but changing your voice a little can make a huge difference.

Come on, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Just try to sound different at least once. Maybe you won’t do this comfortably, but perhaps it will be the best thing that could probably happen to you.

Use of body language

How to seduce a man easily without stress

You can display yourself to a man and attracted to him with your body language more than anything you can say. Use your body language to your benefit when luring him, and let him know in no unsettling terms that you’re into him.

Aside from eye contact and smiling, you can face him when you talk to him, or you can incline slightly toward him. If he is into you, too, he may start to reflect your body language and entice you in the same way.

Be confident

A self-confident woman knows that she is alluring and intelligent; she doesn’t need a man to tell her. She doesn’t need a man at all. Nothing can make a man want a woman more than when she shows that she doesn’t need him but wants him. So own it.

If he compliments you, smile, look him in the eye and say thank you. Or better yet, I know! And I always encourage you to be more assertive for a reason: men like it. If you look like you’re not hopeless, you can take or leave talking to the guy who pursues you with a kick of desperation.

Send seductive text message

Know that the secret of seducing a man is to realize that not all seduction happens in person. You can also attract him through words. The key here is not overt sex but using allusion to make him think sexy instead of advancing it.

Tell him you love him

How to seduce a man easily without stress

For most guys, dirty talk and teasing will be the spark that makes them fall in love with a girl. On the other hand, some relationship-broken guys are just looking for love.

All you need to do if you want to win these guys is to say the three magic words, “I love you”! And he will be yours because he endured much pain in the past, and the mere fact that he has you in his life now is more than anything else.

Put on clothes that compliment your body shape

Although many men are attracted to the impact of provocative clothing as a whole, you can complement your figure with clothing that not dressed to show more skin.

Whether you’re bendy or sporty, wearing outfits that look good is a great way to get a man’s undivided attention. If you have a great rack, play it up by showing some of your cleavages by wearing a dress or top. If your legs are your best attribute, wear short clothing with high heels.

And don’t be scared to leave something to the imagination when it comes to seducing him. Showing off all your best assets at once can give the impression that you are “flirty” rather than “sassy.” If you’re showing off your legs, make sure you’re wearing a more conservative top and vice versa.

Have fun alone

How to seduce a man easily without stress

Even though it may probably sound counter-intuitive, having fun without the person you’re interested in can have a hugely positive effect on his attraction to you.

When you tell a guy that you’re independent and able to have a great time when he’s not around, it says two things: you don’t need him to enjoy himself, and you’re desirable to other people. There’s more to seducing a man than just being super sexy around him – it also makes him think about you when you’re not around him.

Be real

I know being yourself isn’t an option sometimes, but what’s the point of hiding behind a mask? You need to reveal your true colours at the beginning of your relationship to see if you two are a perfect match.

If he likes a girl who is all dressed up and entirely made up with all the time and you are not that kind of girl, let him know immediately. At least he’ll know what to expect from you. You also need to see if he is emotionally damaged. If he is, you should be very careful.

He may have had a girlfriend before you who scarred his heart. Trust me; you don’t want to be one of those girls who break a guy’s heart. Be there for him, listen to what he has to say and always speak your mind. No one will respect you if you nod your head to everything he says. You need to stand up for yourself and never let anyone convince you to the contrary.

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