How to stop worrying if you can’t find a job for a long time

Finding a job is a job in itself, where you only spend. You waste your time, money, and, of course, strength and nerves. Doing this day in and day out, getting rejected, or, even worse, ignoring your responses, you feel anxious and depressed.

If you find yourself just about to give up because your job search has worn you out and overwhelmed you, follow the tips below to help you perk up and get a second wind.

Put your mind in order

Anxiety often arises from the fact that everything is in chaos. There is a feeling that you are not controlling the situation; it drives you into depression. To reduce anxiety, add more order to your life.

Start by recording every vacancy viewed, recording every response and decision. It is not difficult; it is enough to draw a few fields in the spreadsheet. If there are worthy offers where you have a chance of employment, spend more time filling out the table, indicating all the important data for you: from the day you submitted your resume to contact information and company address. This will help you avoid confusion in responses and reduce the stress of confusion and insecurity.

Schedule your job search

As we said above, the search for a job is also a job, and it, like the work that is paid, should be rationed. Make a schedule for the day, where a certain amount of time will be devoted to finding vacancies, responses and calls for some more time, and so on.

Distribute your “working” day so that it is rationed, just like you would work for a salary. If we are talking about looking for a new job when you are already working, you should pay even more attention to this to manage to fulfill your duties and at the same time send mailings on vacancies during the most active hours.

Set realistic goals for yourself

The problem with many job seekers is that they do not set a certain framework for themselves. They flip through page after page looking for something interesting, afraid of missing out on their dream job.

But this approach is wrong because, after several dozen vacancies viewed in a row, your eyes get blurry, and you stop noticing really interesting offers. They may seem to you as dull as the ones you looked at before. This leads to the false conclusion that there are no interesting vacancies, resulting in anxiety.

Therefore, set realistic goals for yourself, such as applying for five vacancies a day while viewing no more than ten pages in search. The main thing is that you feel that with each response, you are approaching the fulfillment of the goal, that it is not abstract, and your search will not stop when you already fall off your feet.

Be sure to take a break from your job search

When we say a break, we mean rest for a few minutes and a day or two. Be sure to be distracted by something else without going to the computer or smartphone from which you scroll through the vacancies.

Even if you are not in the mood due to the lack of work or the existing job, you dream of leaving as soon as possible, but you cannot; during moments of rest, try to distract yourself and enjoy life.

Take a walk around the park, do sports, read, do whatever, don’t return to the search until you feel that anxiety and melancholy have let you go at least a little. And don’t neglect taking care of yourself. Do not forget about your pleasures and desires; make sure that your focused job search does not harm your physical and mental health.

Find a way to feel productive

Receiving refusal after refusal, you subconsciously begin to consider yourself mediocre, useless, those who will not be hired for a good position. These are the consequences of stress, depression, or low self-esteem due to a series of rejections.

Do not succumb to this feeling because you, like other people, are unique and deserve more. Just do something you can do, like doing something useful around the house. Fix the falling shelf in the kitchen, glue the wallpaper, draw, write a story, in general, do something that pleases you, and where you can say with confidence that the result was worth the work.

Understand that the result of your labor will not be instantaneous

A common mistake many people make when looking for a job is that they think they will get instant feedback. They don’t understand why they haven’t been invited for an interview yet, because they have already sent out dozens of responses in a week.

This is a completely normal situation because HRs can skip your response or collect several candidates’ resumes. When a certain number is typed, send a mailing to everyone at once. The more common the job, the longer the search can be. But even if your vacancy is specific, and it seems to you that there will not be even a dozen candidates for it from all over the city, it is quite normal if a potential employer does not respond to respond within a couple of weeks.

Rejoice at any response

It isn’t good when companies ignore your resume. If they send rejections, that’s not bad because you are not ignored as an employee. Perhaps the company does not see you in this position, at least for the time being, and has added your resume to the database, which it will return to later. If the employer liked the resume, but after the interview, you received a refusal, this is not a reason to be upset because you have already advanced far from the moment you thought about looking for a job.

Look to family and friends for moral support

Often, people who have been unable to find a job for a long time feel lonely and misunderstood. They, without realizing it, move away from society, as they think themselves inferior members of it. Do not hesitate to turn to family and friends for moral help and advice. They can not only support you but even help you find a job. Who knows, maybe your friend’s acquaintance needs such a specialist.

Remember that everything has its time

If you are actively looking for a job and are doing everything in your power to get a new job, but there is no result, do not beat yourself up. Just think that the next steps depend on the potential employer, and do not wind yourself up in vain.

Think about it in such a way that the lull that has come in your job search is just a pause before something good. Perhaps your time has not come, and soon a really good vacancy will appear on the horizon.

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