How to tell if someone is lying

You come across people every day, and they all lie. Some slightly embellish; others tell such incredible stories that it is already uncomfortable. But it will be much easier for you to live if you understand when a person is deceiving you and when he is telling the truth.

This will help in personal life and at work – in general, in any area where human communication is important. We have prepared some simple yet powerful tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of deception.

Watch the reaction

If a person got into a stupor after your question, he is most likely considering a not entirely truthful answer. Will you not fall into confusion after being asked a relatively commonplace thing? In addition, you may notice how your interlocutor suddenly became tenser after your question.

People who cheat have a stiffness of the body – it can betray the whole truth as a spirit better than words. But this all works only if you ask an entirely fair question. If you asked nonsense, then do not be surprised why a person stands and mumbles.

Notice how the liar overestimates

You don’t have to be a theater critic to notice this. As soon as a person acts out a theatrical scene, this may indicate that he is lying. Each emotion has its function and role. For example, surprise is the most transient emotion that appears due to any unexpected situation.

If you notice that the surprise at your question has lasted for a week, then this is a clear sign that the interlocutor is insincere with you. It is enough to know a person at least a little to understand how unnatural he is behaving at the moment.

Pay attention to the tone

A hostile or offended tone signifies that the person is harmful and may be hiding the truth. In this way, he is trying to divert the conversation in a different direction. As you know, the best defense is an offense. This also works with lies. The deceiver hopes that his lies will dissolve in this stream of negativity, and you will no longer need to wait for an answer from him. And he can even show you: they say, how dare you think about me like that.

Do not give in to provocations, and when he stops this offensive speech, try to ask again, but in different wording. After all, if a person knows the answer to a question to which he has nothing to hide, he will most likely be calm and balanced.

If he asks again

This is perhaps the most popular way to buy yourself some time to think carefully about what you ask before answering the question when a person asks you again. It takes more time for deceivers to lie because they also need to come up with it, preferably one they would willingly believe. The truth is somewhat simpler: you say it without thinking.

If you get vague answers

In such situations, the person who answers the question in this way feels as uncomfortable as possible. On the one hand, he did not lie, but on the other, he did not reveal the truth. Specify the question, be as short and clear as possible, and then the person will be forced to lie blatantly or tell the truth. Most often, this is done by people who, for some reason, do not like to lie and do not want to do it, but in this way, they try to get away from it gradually and without lying.

This is a fairly popular way to get away with the answer for people who have a conscience. Always listen to your interlocutor in such situations and pay attention to what he says to you. In the end, you can ask a clear and simple direct question – thereby, you will make it clear that this floating answer did not suit you.

If he laughs it off

When you realize that the interlocutor is trying to laugh it off from the conversation, be careful: most likely, they will cheat you. They are trying to relax you with their delicious sense of humor. In response, you can play along with this play and make the person exhale, and after that, ask a new question.

It is unlikely that a person will think that laughing it off twice in a row is a good idea and most likely will try to give a vague answer. But you already know what to do when you get a vague answer, so you can’t be fooled.

If he’s too convincing

In response to a question, let’s say you see that a person swears and swears everything he can. Keep in mind: there is a high probability that it does not smell like the truth. Be careful and try to find out why the person is so deliberately trying to convince you of something.

Most likely, he will not answer directly but is trying to convince you because it does not correspond to reality. Calm down the person, tell him not to worry and that you believe him, and then try to ask another question to make sure that he is losing self-control for a reason.

These possible patterns of lying can occur one at a time or in combination. However, we must remember: when hiding the truth, a person will show one of these signs, but these signs are not always the result of a lie.

Be careful when analyzing a person’s behavior; note the peculiarities inherent in him, not to make Othello’s mistake and not blame an innocent person. Develop observation, consider the situation from different angles, listen carefully, and no one can deceive you.

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