The influence of mirrors on personal life

The mirror in many cultures has a special magical meaning. Esotericists recommend being especially careful with the mirrors in the bedroom.

Fashion trends in modern design very often contradict energy laws and disrupt the harmonious movement of vital energy in space. Let’s take a look at how exactly bedroom mirrors affect personal relationships between partners.

The location of the mirrors in the room

The influence of mirrors on personal life

An improperly placed mirror in the room will leak energy, create health problems and contribute to conflicts. A mirror above the bed or a mirrored ceiling can ruin a relationship. Our fears and subconscious fears appear; the mirror amplifies them and projects them onto real life. As a result, there is an exacerbation of conflicts between partners, which will lead to a break in relations and divorce after a while.

A mirror or mirrored cabinet, placed on the bed’s side, promote the outflow of energy, imbalances in the body, and the excitement of negative emotions: anger, irritability, aggression. In such a situation, partners will often conflict, take offense and be angry with each other.

A mirror in which the legs or lower body are reflected will contribute to low self-esteem, emptiness, a tendency to loneliness, and the occurrence of various diseases associated with the genital tract and excretory system.

A mirror at the head of the bed has a very negative effect on energy and well-being in general. Such an arrangement can cause mental ailments, unnecessary anxiety, and hostility towards the opposite sex.

A mirror, in which the body is partially reflected (for example, the forehead is cut off or only half of the body is visible), helps to cut off energy flows, which over time can cause diseases of those parts of the body that are cut off by the mirror and are not visible in it.

It is important to note that it is strictly forbidden to use an antique mirror or a mirror from other owners in the bedroom. They are an energetic accumulator of emotions and information, which is then projected with special intensity onto the beholder.

The influence of mirrors on personal life – a mirror as a gift

The influence of mirrors on personal life

Be especially careful with donated mirrors. Even if a person does not wish you conscious harm and does not envy your happiness, the mirror presented can harm you. Indeed, in this case, it will project the energy and fate of the donor onto you. There have been many cases when a mirror donated for a wedding or other holiday was the cause of serious family conflicts and the breakdown of marital relations.

For example, if your girlfriend has relationship problems, divorced several times without finding a worthy companion, and gave it to you. Over time, the energetic impact will have a destructive effect on your relationships, which will lead to a similar situation. The influence of mirrors on personal life: neutralizing the negative impact

When a woman has a too large mirror in the bedroom, especially a high pier-glass, consisting of several parts, this indicates that the dominance of the female energy will increase. If a woman intensifies her feminine energy in the bedroom with the help of a mirror, this will lead to the suppression of masculine energy. Over time, the man will feel pressure and start a confrontation, which will lead to disagreements and family quarrels.

To balance the energy and smooth out the negative impact of an unsuccessfully placed mirror (if you cannot change its position), place a large flower or a flat vase with young bamboo next to it. This will help smooth out the negative impact on personal relationships.

Mirrors in the bedroom affect personal relationships, so you need to be careful when placing them. By contacting an expert, you can analyze the reasons for your difficulties in relationships and harmonize your space.

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