How to understand that a relationship has no future: 3 test questions

How do you know that a relationship has no future? Do you want to do it right now? Just no need to run to fortune-tellers lay the cards on the betrothed, and do other nonsense. Honestly, answer yourself just three questions – everything will immediately fall into place.

A psychologist noticed that people with many common interests get along better and quarrel less often than those with radically different hobbies. Of course, this does not mean at all that you need to give up all women’s affairs and sit down to watch a football match next to your beloved. It’s just that certain basic things must be the same for both partners. For example, when lovers are similar in temperament or have common goals.

Observing couples going through difficult times, a psychologist identified three questions that each partner should ask themselves at the very beginning of the relationship. Ideally, the answers should match. By the way, this does not mean that people who answered the questions in different ways should immediately leave. They have to make a lot of effort to keep the union.

3 questions that will decide the fate of a relationship

Now let’s get to the questions!

Would you agree to travel the world in an RV?

This is a kind of test that will tell a lot about your character. Let’s say you dream of traveling in an RV. This means that you avoid a large crowd of people, not wanting to communicate with anyone. You want to shut yourself off from everyone.

This type of travel is hardly suitable for people who love to communicate. Most likely, even the saying “with a sweetheart paradise and in a hut” will terrify them because it is akin to voluntary seclusion for them. They cannot sit locked up for a long time – they want to walk in large companies as often as possible.

Even if two people who answered these questions in different ways live together, one of them needs personal space and meeting with friends.

How do you feel about horror films?

How does this question relate to relationships? The answer to it immediately allows you to understand whether partners have enough adrenaline in life or not.

Usually, those who are worried about every occasion do not like horror films, not wanting to subject their psyche to a shake-up once again. People who have enough adrenaline in life are not fond of such cinema: athletes, climbers, etc.

Partners who are very fond of horror films usually live quite calmly, but they also want to get their dose of adrenaline by watching a movie.

If your chosen one loves comedy and detective stories, and you cannot live without horror, then your relationship will most likely not work out. Painfully you are different people.

Do you want to live in a city or a country?

The simplest partner compatibility test. People who dream of living away from the bustle of the city do not understand those who want to be in the center of a noisy city. The former are couch potatoes who are ready to spend most of their time in silence, and the latter are extroverts, for whom it is in the order of things to do business all the time and only come home to spend the night.

It will be tough for extroverts to live in a house in the wilderness without hearing the usual sounds of city noise.

In general, if partners have different answers to these questions, it will most likely be quite difficult for them to get along.

But don’t take it too literally! In the end, any relationship can and should be worked on if there are sincere feelings between partners.

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