How to win friends and influence people

Success in both work and personal life largely depends on communication skills. The ability to quickly find a common language with other people is an art that every successful person should strive to comprehend. In the article, we share tricks that will help you learn how to win friends and influence people.

9 tips on how to win friends and influence people

1. Gesticulate while talking

Practice shows that the world’s best speakers use a specific mechanism that allows them to hold the audience’s attention for a long time: they actively gesticulate.

When your hands are in the field of view of the interlocutor, it is much easier for him to relax and immerse himself in the conversation. This is because, from the point of view of psychology, the position of the hands reflects our intentions. Therefore, try not to fold your hands behind your back during a conversation, do not hesitate to gesticulate, and, if possible, keep your hands on the table during a business meeting. To get the latest stories, install our app here

2. Look the interlocutor in the eye

Eye contact is one of the most important keys that will allow to win friends and influence people and establish communication with the interlocutor. Maintaining eye contact during a conversation indicates high intelligence, self-confidence, competence, and understanding of the situation.

3. Work on speech quality

As a rule, it is more pleasant for us to communicate with people who have a good speech. In addition, the fact that parasitic words do not carry any meaning and give out a poor vocabulary indicates excitement and uncertainty about what you are saying.

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Beautiful, well-delivered speech is one of the indicators of high intelligence. A rich vocabulary will help you become a pleasant conversationalist who knows how to win friends and influence people. Learn new words, read more literature, and expand your social circle.

4. Smile if it’s appropriate

How to win friends and influence people

If you want to win friends and influence people, do not forget to smile during a conversation with him. Of course, there are situations when this is unacceptable: when it comes to death or other unpleasant things. A smile will express your willingness to make friends with the interlocutor and demonstrate your disposition towards him in all other cases.

5. Learn to empathize with other people

Empathy is a skill necessary for successful communication. The ability to empathize with other people and feel their emotions are very important for building trusting relationships. People who do not show empathy are considered cold and emotionally unavailable.

To develop empathy, try to communicate with other people and listen more carefully to them. Learn to put yourself in the place of another person – so you can feel his emotions more sharply. And do not forget to ask clarifying questions, sum up the interim results of the conversation and be interested in the interlocutor’s opinion.

6. Try to raise the self-esteem of the interlocutor

We do not advise you to flatter and, every day, loudly declare to your interlocutors how unique they are. It is only about appropriate compliments and pleasant remarks to the opponent. Such phrases mustn’t look feigned – if you do not like any quality of a person, perhaps you are not on the way with him. To get the latest stories, install our app here

But if you want to win over a person, try to note his positive traits and qualities that may be significant to him. Remember that accepting and giving compliments is a good skill for personal growth and building friendships.

7. Ask interesting questions

How to win friends and influence people

If your task is to keep the interlocutor’s attention and win him over, you need to learn how to ask interesting, non-banal questions. So you can make a strong impression on people. In addition, new topics of conversation and great questions make our brain perk up and remember information better.

8. Address people by name more often

One of the magic tricks that affect a conversation’s atmosphere and help win friends and influence people is addressing them by name. This is a formal courtesy and an opportunity to make the interlocutor listen to you more attentively. To get the latest stories, install our app here

A person who is addressed by name, on a subconscious level, begins to feel much better and more relaxed. Based on these feelings, a trusting relationship develops between the interlocutors, improving relationships.

9. Work on your self-esteem

Self-confidence and an objective assessment of one’s capabilities are important qualities in winning friends and influencing people. Low self-esteem will negatively affect all areas of your life, including relationships with other people.

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