How to write a report

One-time reports on a business trip or regular reports on work for the week, month, and quarter, which employees write, are a control tool and allow you to assess the quality and efficiency of their work. Therefore, your task is to write a report in such a way that it is clear that you are not wasting your working time in vain.

Usually, the report is not written in the name of the manager. It is a separate document and can be attached to a cover letter or memo. Therefore, it is possible not to write it on the company’s letterhead but to use ordinary sheets of a standard size of writing paper. Above or in the middle, if you decide to make a cover page, write the word “Report” and a heading that explains what type of activity you are reporting on.

If this is a normal report on the work, then no input data and explanations can be given; its essence will be clear from the title. In the report on the business trip, be sure to make an introductory part, in which you write in what time frame and to which company you were sent on a business trip, and what goals your trip pursued. If this is a test report, then an introductory part is also required here, in which it will be necessary to describe the subject of the tests, list their tasks, and indicate the timing of the test.

The main part of the report should be devoted to describing your actions for the period indicated in the title. They are usually given in the form of a list indicating the time that was spent on their implementation. It is best to arrange this list in chronological order.

In the final part of the report, give your conclusions about whether your goal was achieved, whether the planned work was completed. If this has not happened, analyze the reasons that prevented this, and suggest measures that will help eliminate these obstacles in your work.

Based on the analysis, draw your conclusions about how useful and fruitful your work was. Give your suggestions on how you can improve its quality and efficiency. The purpose of writing a report is, among other things, to involve the contractor, that is, you, in making management decisions aimed at increasing labor productivity. Such reports will allow management to optimize workplaces and increase their provision with everything they need.

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