Why you don’t have money: reasons that prevent you from getting rich

What keeps you from getting rich? Why do some people always have money, and some people seem to earn, but all income seems to slip through our fingers? If a woman has a good income, she should have enough money, but there is often a lack of money on par with those who have a fairly small salary. What is the problem here?

The reasons that lead to a lack of money and prevent getting rich

What keeps you from becoming rich?

You spend money mindlessly and don’t control your expenses

Here we are quite often talking about those who earn a lot of money. As soon as a person starts to earn enough money, he immediately stops controlling his spending, striving to afford as much as possible. Quite often, girls pay by card without keeping track of the amount left on it. Thinking that they can afford it and make good money will one day lead to a dead end.

At first, a woman wants to treat herself to a new expensive bag, a pair of shoes, and buy an expensive membership card to the fitness center, and then suddenly she may realize that the card has critically insufficient funds left at the end month.

To avoid this happening, you should control your expenses! This will help you never spend absolutely everything and choose some things that are quite possible to save. For example, buy your groceries in the supermarket, where the prices are lower.

You do not think about the future

It’s great, of course, to live by the “want it and buy it” principle, but this is not the right attitude to money. If you only live for today and don’t set yourself long-term goals, you shouldn’t be surprised that money is scarce again.

Try to build a financial cushion for yourself and your family as early as possible. It’s not about giving up all the pleasures of life, but you need to learn to find the so-called “golden mean” between all the “wants,” meeting your needs and reasonable savings.

It is important to understand what is important to you in the future and what you aspire to. Perhaps you have long dreamed of going on a trip or buying your own house? This requires a huge amount of money, which will never appear if you live for one day and do not think about the future. Learn financial literacy!

You are head over heels in debt

Of course, what kind of welfare can we talk about if you are deeply in debt and you have to give half of your income every month to pay off various loans and other debt obligations? By the way, if you solve the problem with the help of another loan, then this is the road to nowhere.

Before taking out any loan, think carefully about whether you really need it and how soon you can repay it! Maybe you should look for an additional source of income?

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