How to write an application for a salary increase

A well-written application on a salary increase is half the success in such a delicate matter. It can serve as a reason for improving your financial situation and as a basis for obtaining a higher position.

To properly fill out an application requesting to raise wages, first find out whose responsibilities include making decisions in such matters. It doesn’t make sense to write a statement addressed to your immediate superior if he occupies a position far from at the top of the hierarchical pyramid of your organization. It is best to write an application addressed to the organization’s head or the personnel department and endorse it with your manager.

In order not to use the phrases “I ask to raise” or “I ask to raise the salary”, use the better “I ask you to consider the possibility of raising the salary …”. This wording sounds dignified, sets you in a business-like mood.

Be sure to argue why a salary increase is reasonable in your situation. List your responsibilities and note that the workload has increased significantly due to, for example, new clients, sales growth, or the departure of an employee. Appeal to the numbers compares how the department’s performance indicators have grown recently. Try not to overdo it by describing how hard it is for you, or management will consider hiring an additional employee


Do not use arguments such as “I learned that the salary of the accounting officer was raised or manager gets more” as a justification. Firstly, this does not concern you, and secondly, the management considered it acceptable.

In the application text, indicate the amount of the increase you expect; in this case, the management will not have to look for information about your salary. But be prepared that your desired increase of 10,000 dollars with one stroke of the pen can turn into 5,000.

Enlist the support of your immediate supervisor, ask him to endorse the application, and write a succinct “I do not mind.” Perhaps your boss will take the initiative and write that you deserve a salary increase.

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