HyperCharge: Xiaomi thought smartphone to fully charge in 8mins

The Chinese company Xiaomi has introduced a new fast charging technology. According to the official teaser, a device with its support can be charged in a matter of minutes.

HyperCharge technology has received wired and wireless options. With a capacity of 200W, the first can charge a smartphone with a 4000mAh battery in 8 minutes to 100 per cent. A special power supply unit also comes with a wire capable of transmitting high voltage.

The operation of the wireless version, the power of which reached 120 W, was demonstrated on a special modification of the Mi 11 Pro smartphone. The phone charged

up to 50 per cent in 7 minutes, and it took 15 minutes to reach full capacity.

It is not reported when the HyperCharge technology will appear in serial devices. Developers will have to solve the problem of excessive heating of the smartphone during fast charging, which negatively affects the battery life.

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