“I can not breathe”: woman humiliates her obese neighbours

Sad scenes on a United Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Newark: a woman shot out of her cramps because she said she was “crammed” between two obese passengers. And she did not really like it. “Thanks to these two, I certainly will not be cold,” it even sounded in a loud voice on the phone. Eventually she was put out of the plane due to too much disruption. The anything but beautiful incident occurred on January 2, only now there are also images available.

“I do not know how I am going to last this four hours”, the lady tells her conversation partner on the other side of the line. “This is not possible, they crush me. Unbelievable. The advantage is that they will keep me warm.” That her painful comments were heard by the neighbours clearly did not matter to her. On the contrary, she threw a greasy smile at the back.

When someone noticed that there was probably a place at the window, the woman reacted enthusiastically. “Get me out of here. I can no longer handle this. I cannot breathe here.”

©Facebook – Norma Rodgers.

“At least I eat lettuce”

The barrage of reproaches was intended for nurse Norma Rodgers and her partner McKinley Frink. The two were separated from each other in the plane and received the unbridled fury between them.

Norma, however, was not just humbled. She filmed the uneasy scene unnoticed and also counterattacked. “Can you give her another seat? I do not allow anyone to insult me,” she calmly explained to the flight attendant.

“I cannot sit here because they are both so fat”, the incitator replied again.

To prevent worse, the woman was taken away there. “At least I eat lettuce”, she did not put much subtle back.

©Facebook – Rodgers with her partner McKinley Frink. He was the one at the other end of the line.

“You should be ashamed of yourself”

After which she got the stick with other passengers. “What you do is terrible. You should be ashamed,” it sounded. But again, she had an assent answer ready. “Then you go and squeeze between those two fat pigs.”

For Rodgers, the size was more than full. “What a bitch. I’m not going to start the new year with this kind of negativity.”

“She deserved a suit for the pants”

On her Facebook page, the nurse made it clear how angry she really felt. “I used to give her a suit for the pants. But now I have become politically correct and have waited for the flight attendant to come.”

The amok maker was eventually taken before the departure of the plane. The hallucinatory images have been viewed more than 2.3 million times in a week’s time.

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