“I can’t leave my house” reveal the fan beaten by Neymar

A week after the video was broadcast, Nelson went on to tell how he lives his days since the unfortunate episode with Neymar

A week after the unfortunate episode experienced by an amateur with Neymar, where he received a blow from the player, after mocking him for the defeat to Rennes by penalties that deprived them of winning the French Cup, the fan went out to talk and tell his calvary.

In an interview with the French newspaper “L’Equipe”, Nelson revealed the permanent harassment that has been going on since the event and defended himself against those who labeled him “swindler” and “opportunist”.

“I did not ask for a penny, officially or unofficially, if I really wanted to take advantage of this case, I would have filed a complaint immediately, I did not do it,” he acknowledged.

The moment Neymar hit a fan

“There are people who have given the address of my house on social networks, going too far,” said the fan. “I am a person who loves life, I go out, I have not left my house since a week ago, and if I need to leave, I do not do it alone,” he confessed.

“On Thursday four people passed by and threatened me saying: ‘The next time you touch Neymar, you will see what we will do to you,’” Nelson revealed. His life changed since the video was released and there are many followers of PSG

who charged against him.

“Of course I regret the words I said, but they were not a provocation.” Among the fans, we laughed, we got stung, we had fun, “that’s how it happens”, he acknowledged after making fun of Neymar, who had stayed at the doors of the title of the Cup of France. “I regret my words to Messrs Verratti and Buffon, but Neymar should not have reacted like that, he’s a professional, he’s used to it, it’s part of the job, right?” it sounds.

“I only ask to meet with him (Neymar) so we can fix things, apologize and come out with a good handshake. Can you imagine if it was me who had hit him? Can you imagine what would have happened to me?” he asked and concluded: “I want to walk down the street without crossing the PSG ultras or be able to take my parents to the Eiffel Tower without being assaulted.”

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