“I told Nigerians that I won’t fail”: first UFC African Champion

The Nigerian fighter, Kamaru Usman has become the first African champion of the UFC, the prestigious league of mixed martial arts. He beat the American Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision, 50-44, 50-44, 50-45, Saturday night, in Las Vegas.

He won the mixed martial arts (MMA) fight against American Tyron Woodley.

Kamaru Usman, nicknamed “The Nigerian Nightmare,” dominated this competition reserved for less than 77 kilos. The UFC is the largest MMA competition, where competitors combine boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and other disciplines.

"I told Nigerians that I won't fail": first UFC African Champion

At a press conference after the fight, Kamaru Usman revealed that he had broken his foot.

“I told Nigerians that I won’t fail, and I made the bet,” he told reporters, speaking in Pidgin, a mixture of English and spoken languages in West and Central Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea.

Usman was born in Nigeria, which he left with his family, for Arlington, Texas (USA).

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