I won’t invite US and EU as election observers – Joseph kabila

In an interview with the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, Congolese President Joseph Kabila spoke about the current electoral process in his country and his future after the December 23 presidential election. Joseph Kabila says he is confident for the good conduct of the elections. “This will be the best election this country has had since 1959”.

For these elections, Joseph Kabila spoke about the presence of the 40,000 national observers. He did not want the presence of observers from the EU and the United States of America. “Why should we invite them?” He asks.

And to continue, “I consider that these countries have already prepared their report even before the day of the vote! The important thing, it will be especially the observation by the Congolese themselves” supports the Congolese President.

Asked what his relationship with his successor will be, Joseph Kabila is willing to share his experience. “If he needs me, I will always be there, my successor, whoever he may be, will not only need the former president, but above all need dignity,” said the Congolese President.

If not, he will be in the reserve as a former soldier. “In case of need, we can always appeal to us, to me, to serve the nation”.

In this interview, Joseph Kabila also decides on his future. He says he does not think about traveling abroad. But stay in the DRC to take care of his farms in Kingakati and Katanga.

For him, “it is also a lesson he would like to give to the Congolese, they must be the first investors in their country, instead of creating 600 political parties, 600 companies…”, insisted Congolese President, who is waiting to know who his successor will be after the December 23 vote.

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