Identical twin brothers both have to pay alimony for the girl (9)

Two Brazilian men, who together form identical twins, will both be responsible for the maintenance of a nine-year-old girl after it was not possible to determine who the father of the child is through a DNA test.

Both men refused to say which of them was the father of the child, assuming that nobody would pay for the alimony in this way. But the judge decided otherwise. He judged that the pair took the girl’s chance to know who her biological father is. “One of the brothers tries to hide his fatherhood out of bad will. Such behavior should not be protected by the court,” judge Felipe Peruca wrote in his verdict.

Both men will now have to pay 30 percent of the Brazilian minimum monthly wage each month, which equates to around 78 dollars per person and contribute to the girl’s medical, clothing and school costs. This means that the child will now receive about twice as much money as other children in Brazil with the same economic background.

Hide cheating

According to the judge, the men had been using their identical appearance since childhood to pretend to be each other. That way they could date as many women as possible. If they were subsequently accused by their girlfriends of cheating, they defended themselves by claiming that it was their brother who had slept with the other woman.

The girl’s mother, now 25, got to know the child’s father at a party of mutual friends, and the duo had a short-lived relationship. “He told me he had a twin brother, but I was not introduced to him. I didn’t suspect anything at the time,” the mother said, according to the court documents.

The woman went to court to demand a DNA test from the suspected father. When that test was positive, the man claimed that his brother was the father. The test of the twin brother was also 99.9 percent positive. Identical twins are, after all, genetically identical.

“It’s a very sad attitude. This was not necessary. They know the truth, but used their parable to escape responsibility,” the mother said.

The mother’s lawyer says the woman is dissatisfied with the judge’s judgment and she will appeal. “We believe that the child has the right to know who the biological father is,” he said.

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