Image of UFOs in ancient art: have alien civilizations been visiting Earth since ancient times?

Proponents of paleocontact believe that highly evolved civilizations from other planets have visited Earth in ancient times. There is also a hypothesis that alien envoys created conditions on our planet suitable for life, and then created humans through genetic engineering.

Such a fantastic hypothesis is a lot of evidence in various ancient sources, including images of Egyptian temples, tablets of the Sumerians, many legends that mention flying chariots, leaving a trail of fire in the sky. If this is just fiction, why was it common for many ancient peoples to talk about it?

Moreover, drawings of UFOs are found in the Bible. How did such objects get into scripture? It is believed that the Bible was written using other ancient texts. The Great Flood and the gods from heaven were mentioned in earlier versions of the texts, providing the basis for the Bible.

There is also the hypothesis that beings from other planets ruled the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. They not only differed in their appearance, height, and abilities, but also lived not one hundred, if not thousands of years. The texts of the Sumerians say that their kings ruled for tens of thousands of years, although some skeptics assure that it’s all about another Sumerian chronology.

Ancient texts
Ancient texts

Also, separately it is necessary to note that the official science and history try to hide traces of the presence of alien civilizations in antiquity. Mysterious artifacts and texts disappear or are destroyed. There is a destruction of the great constructions of antiquity, which can confirm the fantastic version about visiting of the Earth by extraterrestrial civilizations of antiquity.

There are many such oddities. NASA has repeatedly been accused of hiding the truth about what exactly was discovered on the Moon and Mars. In addition, the employees of NASA are seriously interested in any artifacts and ancient drawings, which have something in common with the topic of UFOs and alien civilizations.

Separately, the ancient epics Mahabharat and Vimanika Shastra, which describe the incredible technology of the ancient world, are worth mentioning. People could not have invented all this, could they? It is possible that these technologies were given there by alien civilizations, but then were lost.

There are also giant craters and ancient cities with melted walls on the planet. These traces are very reminiscent of nuclear strikes. Of particular note is the city of Mohenjo-Daro, which is cited as an example by many researchers of antiquity. There are a lot of questions…

Why would scientists be so interested in “ancient astronauts” and drawings depicting creatures that look like humanoids? All this is very strange. Official science is not yet ready to admit the possibility of paleocontact, but the truth about it is gradually coming out in society.

It is possible that the ancient gods were not gods, and the representatives of other planets, which gave people the knowledge and technology. The truth is somewhere nearby…

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