In this school, it is forbidden to say “act like a man”

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, principal of Anderton Park Elementary School in England, banned teachers from using sexist phrases such as “be a man” and “act like a man,” the Heart reports.

She believes that such phrases can harm children. The head of the institution noted that it is wrong to teach boys not to talk about their feelings and not to be afraid of anything.

If boys are told that boys are not afraid, boys don’t get scared, boys don’t talk about their feelings, then where will they go when they are afraid? – she stressed.

Teachers were also advised to drop the phrase “Good morning, boys and girls.” They were asked to replace it with the phrase “Good morning to all” not to harm children who have not yet decided on their gender.

Journalists asked if it was too early to burden children with concerns about sexism. Hewitt-Clarkson responded that it’s never too early to teach children respectful language.

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