India vs China the facts you need to know

India and China are the two most populated countries in the world located in South Asia, India is a seventh largest country by area and it’s the second most populous country while China sits at number one in terms of population and both countries house a third of the world’s total population.

India’s population totals 1.34 billion people and it’s the second most populated country in the world and the population density sits at 450 people per square kilometre now in China the population is at 1.4 billion people with a population density of 150 people per square kilometre in terms of land size area. India sits at 3.2 H7 million square kilometres which is equal to 1.26 square miles and China is at 9.5 million square kilometres which is 3.7 square miles.

Life Expectancy
Since we got that out of the way, now I want to move on to life expectancy in both of these countries in India it’s at 68.5 years for males at 67.3 years and for females at 69.8 years while the total life expectancy in China is 76.1 years with females being at 78.1 and the males being at 74.1 years so they got a few years above India there.

let’s take a look at the religion from these two countries, so in India there’s no favouritism by the state given to any sort of religion at all. However, neither India’s Constitution or its laws define any kind of relationship between religion and the state, so it’s kind of unclear where India sits but for the most part they’re considered a secular nation but when we get into the specifics of what religions people follow in India 80% of the people follow Hindu while in terms of religion in China the folk religion is at 73.56% of people, Buddhism is at 15% and Christianity sits at 2.53% in China.

We knew these nations are big they’re powerful and they have a lot of people in them but what sort of money are they dealing with, the GDP in India is 9.89trillion US dollars and in China their GDP number is 23.12 trillion dollars and that works out to be 16,624 dollars per capita.

The currency that China uses is a renminbi and India uses the Indian rupee.

India’s national debt works out to be 1.09 trillion US dollars, interest per year is 7.9 billion US dollars which works out to be two thousand two hundred and eighty-two dollars per second of interest, while China’s debt totals at 4.6 trillion US dollars and the interest on that debt is 153.6 billion dollars per year which is four thousand eight hundred seventy-three dollars per second of interest, now when you look at China and you take the population of 1.4 billion people and if you divide the total debt by the population amount the total debt per person is a little over three thousand US dollars and if you were to take dollar bills and stack them up on top of each other with that amount of debt it would pile up to be five hundred and six thousand five hundred and fifteen kilometres high and that works out to be 1.32 trips to the moon.

Military Power
Okay now this is probably one my favourite parts in these, which is better for countries when I mash up the military power. China is one of the most powerful countries, they ranked third place in the world and their available manpower is seven hundred and fifty million with a total military personnel of 3.7 million people, in terms of aircraft they have 2955, they have six thousand four hundred and fifty-seven combat tanks and 1770 rocket projectors. China has 69 submarines in their knavery, 51 frigates, thirty-five destroyers, thirty-five Corvettes but only one aircraft carrier and the labour force in China is completely off the charts like it’s so huge eight hundred and five million nine hundred thousand people

Now moving on to India so, India has the third largest military in the world in terms of active frontline personnel so not the most powerful just the largest but when you put them on the scale of global military power they ranked fourth, India’s total defence budget sits at 53.5 billion dollars but that will go way up, India’s Ministry of Défense says India will need two hundred and thirty three billion dollars to meet its arms and equipment requirements in eleven years so that will be more than triple what they’re spending now on their military, but either way India still is an advantage because in late 2016 India completed its nuclear triad by adding a strategic nuclear submarine I&S Air Han in its military, India has become one of the only countries to do this and if you’re not familiar with the term nuclear triad well that refers to a country’s ability to launch nuclear warheads from the land, the sky, as well as from the sea.

When we look at their film and entertainment industry, Bollywood in India is of course a large part of the cinema in India in 2016 last year Bollywood earned two point four billion U.S dollars, cinema in China was introduced back in 1896 and China is a home of the largest movie and drama production complex and film studios in the entire world the oriental movie metropolis and the Hengdian world studios and in 2010 it had the third largest film industry by the number of feature films produced in one year, in 2016 the total box office earnings in China was 6.58 billion dollars US but with crossover and collaboration with Bollywood and Hollywood happening a lot more frequently. Indian cinema is also a lot more in the limelight than Chinese cinema.

When we go back in history and take a look at some of the inventions and contributions by the Chinese, we see that China has contributed a lot to science and technology like some amazing achievements by the Chinese include the compass paper making, the gunpowder, printing and yet all these discoveries just naming a few of them had a huge impact on all the cultures throughout the world but India has also had some amazing discoveries and inventions throughout their history as well like the invention of shampoo started in India as well as in the year 1780. We saw the first inventions of rockets started in India as well and also buttons of shirt were also invented in India first,

So, there you go, what is your side-by-side comparison with these two-giant powerhouse of countries China and India

Although tensions surrounding the so called line of actual control which separates India from China has really increased in recent days there has really been no extreme attacks from either sides because of this China and India have both historically been and perhaps can still be seen as the centres of civilization in Asia up in Northeast Asia and some Southeast Asian countries historically are influenced by Chinese culture and that can easily be seen similarly Indian culture could be traced in many South and Southeast Asian countries.

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