Inspiring: Beyonce shop at… Etsy, rock on Ankara

Beyonce may be known as Queen B if you ask us she is also a real style queen. She makes Louis Vuitton sexy, takes care of the comeback of the skort on her own and she is also rocking African wears. And apparently also from Etsy, the well-known webshop for handmade, vintage, and second-hand products.

Beyonce and his hubby visited Dreamweaver, an exhibition by American artist Kasseem ‘Swizz Beatz’ Dean, a friend of The Carters. Even though it was mainly her outfit choice that caught the eye. Together with queen B regular stylist Zerina Akers, she went shopping at Etsy. More specifically with the Nigerian designer Ena Udemba.

At the end of last year, the designer received the request to tailor a suit for the Texan diva. “The design had to be unique, something that suits her. I felt responsible for the wardrobe of a queen B, the biggest queen on this planet!,” Udemba tells Vogue. “I had so many nerves, but I was particularly determined to make it a great success.”

Inspiring: Beyonce shop at... Etsy, rock on Ankara

The costume consists of 4 elements, which were very carefully thought about. The hat was specially made a little bigger so that it was extra hard. The sleeves of the jacket were taken to emphasize the feminine shape of Queen B. The wide legs of the pants have an elegant effect and seem to extend the legs of Beyonce, which are already long stilts, optically. According to the Nigerian, the belt is the final touch: the piece that makes the outfit into one whole.

Apparently, Beyonce and Jay Z was very happy because on Instagram she showed several pictures of her outfit. Udemba is also looking forward to the cooperation with great pleasure. “It was a dream that came true. I think she was happy with the result, which of course also makes me happy.”

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