Internet blocked in Sudan in the run-up to new demonstrations

Security forces mobilized en masse in Khartoum on Sunday in the run-up to new demonstrations against the coup in Sudan. Authorities across the country have again blocked mobile internet.

Since Sunday morning, security forces have blocked the bridges connecting Khartoum with its suburbs, and the main roads to the capital have also been blocked. The mobile internet has also been shut down again.

After General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane’s coup d’état, protests against the transitional military regime have already taken place on several occasions. The bridges were also blocked, and the internet was shut down at previous demonstrations. The army used tear gas against demonstrators and even fired live ammunition. A total of 53 people have died since the putsch.

On October 25, al-Burhane staged a coup d’état and arrested the majority of the civilian government led by Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok. A month later, Hamdok signed a formal agreement with putsch leader al-Burhane that allowed Hamdok to return as prime minister of Sudan. The military authorities had promised to form a civilian government, but one has still not been proposed.

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