Inventor sells magic pills that make smelly winds smell like roses

A French inventor claims to sell pills that make smelly winds smell nice. The newest version has the smell of May bells, but there are also those that smell like chocolate or roses. And there is a variant for dogs.

According to the website where you can buy the pills, they were made by inventor Christian Poincheval from the French municipality of Gesvres. The wonder pills have been on sale since 2007, but recently he released a new version with the scent of May bells. According to the Frenchman, it is 100% natural products.

Poincheval came up with the idea after a dinner party, he said earlier. Our farts smelled so bad that we almost suffocated. The gases were very unpleasant for the guests. “Something had to happen.”

Also for dogs

And so it happened. There are pills with the smelly of roses, violets, May bells, and chocolate. Especially for Valentine’s Day, there is a variant with ginger. “A natural aphrodisiac,” it sounds. Depending on your physical condition and the desired effect, you should take 2 to 6 pills a day with food.

Poincheval also came up with a variant for dogs. He says to send the pills by mail in a discreet way to countries around the world. Those who are interested can go here for orders.

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