Irish woman swallows complete strip of painkillers with packaging

When a woman from Northern Ireland got pain a while ago, she decided to take a painkiller. Not a pill, not even two pills, but she swallowed the complete blister tramadol, including plastic and aluminium. That got stuck in her oesophagus. It was only removed after more than two weeks.

The case is in the latest edition of the BMJ Case Reports medical journal. The patient is a woman in her forties, who swallowed the strip in November in the middle of the night. The next morning, she went to a hospital because she struggled to swallow her food. Doctors determined that she could breathe and that she was in good condition.

The strip could not be seen on X-rays. She was allowed to go home, but three days later she was back with the same symptoms. She got painkillers and her symptoms disappeared, so she could go home again.

Five days later she went back to a hospital, but again nothing was found. At the fourth visit, a doctor decided to do an internal examination with a camera. Then the comic was found. It was stuck in the woman’s oesophagus. Seventeen days after ingestion, he was safely removed. The woman said she did not know she had swallowed the strip.

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