“Is it the line or is it me?” Spanish Football club tackles drunken driving

A lot of fans of the Spanish football club Real Betis rubbed their eyes when they saw the centre line in the Benito VillamarĂ­n stadium in Seville before the game against Eibar. The straight line was recreated in a wavy line, and surely a supporter would have wondered whether he was cross-eyed or not.

It was not a vandal region, but a campaign against drunken driving, in which the zigzagging line refers to the effect of drunkenness on people. The curved line turned out to lie on a strip of fake grass, which was removed by employees for closing.

26 percent of people who died in traffic in Spain last year had drunk too much. Nearly three-fourths of those victims had at least three times more alcohol in their blood than the permitted amount.

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