Is makeup really bad for your skin?

Alicia Keys (38) presented the Grammy Awards this year and she did so without makeup on her face. Not totally surprising, because she said goodbye to lipsticks and foundations in 2016.

“I do not want to hide anymore”, it sounded then. “Not my face, my mind, my soul, my thoughts, my dreams, my difficulties or emotional growth,” the singer insisted. But is it actually better for your skin to go through life without make-up? We consulted dermatologist Thomas Maselis.

Is makeup really bad for your skin?

“The skin naturally does not need makeup, but it does not necessarily go younger or look better if you do not use make-up. We all have to deal with skin aging, which is an intrinsic process. Factors such as smoking and the sun will accelerate that process from the outside. In the case of Alicia Keys, I think that especially her good genes also play a role in her beautiful skin,” he explains.

Is makeup really bad for your skin?

Do you have three facial masks on your face that evening? Nope. “Overdoing with cosmetics is never good,” emphasizes the dermatologist. “Your skin can dry out and that happens especially when de-scaling or if you scrub your skin too often. Real problems with cosmetics are mainly caused by allergies. Most people do not respond well to perfumes or preservatives. In addition, misuse can cause irritation. The only cosmetics that I really recommend is a moisturizing cream for people with dry skin and sun cream for everyone to prevent skin aging.”

Is makeup really bad for your skin?

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