Is Poltergeist a fiction or reality

According to ghostlore, a poltergeist is a form of ghost or spirit that causes physical disturbances such as loud sounds and the movement or destruction of things.

Poltergeist (poltern – “noisy, rumbling” and geist – “spirit”) is a ghost who is naughty in the house. Its presence is given out by objects flying by themselves, various sounds, light or water turning on and off, electrical appliances going crazy.

Various threats in the form of notes are also not uncommon. It happens that words are spread out with objects, written on walls, and so on – the fantasy of a ghostly prankster is truly inexhaustible. It appears unexpectedly and often without any reasons and prerequisites, and scientists still cannot find an explanation for it, and someone completely denies the existence of this phenomenon.

Until the 19th century, it was believed that the poltergeist was the machinations of dark forces sent to punish sinners or to tempt the righteous.

When religion was pushed by science, scientists also joined the ghostbusters – it was summed up that a poltergeist can appear during a powerful emotional and mental release into space – as a rule, these are negative emotions.

This phenomenon is reasonable and can, for example, answer questions, but it is not alive. Barabashka manifests itself most often in dysfunctional homes, and scandals and quarrels only fuel it.

Coincidences in history

The ancient Egyptians also claimed a similar theory that a person has not only a material body but in a slightly different form – it was believed that there are several mental shells:

  • Ha – a perishable body;
  • Sa – the eternal body, the mummy;
  • Ib or Ab – the heart, the receptacle of a person’s thoughts;
  • Re – name, and it played a very important role, often the pharaohs were named after the gods. Commoners were strictly forbidden to give “divine” names;
  • Ka – health and the ability to act;
  • Ah or Ahu – a soul migrating to the world of the gods, where it will live forever;
  • Shuit – is the shadow of a man. It was considered an attribute of the living and the dead, sometimes special boxes were placed in the tomb for it.

After the body dies, the Ka returns to the mummy – this is what statues and death masks with an exact copy of the deceased’s face were used for – the only way the Ka could recognize her body. The statues were needed in case the mummy was destroyed.

These aspects are very similar in that a person is able to provoke a real storm around himself during his lifetime, but in some cases, such an imprint can be left behind by people who have already left.

Most likely, the poltergeist has already been encountered in ancient civilizations since the earliest evidence is in the records of Greek and Roman historians. It is quite possible that even then, it was interpreted in different ways.

Truth or fiction?

Despite the frequent occurrence in all countries of the world at any time, no actual evidence and clear explanations of the poltergeist still exist.

This phenomenon was studied more closely by Nandor Fodor, a psychoanalyst, journalist, and parapsychologist, who gave the most accurate definition of the phenomenon: “A poltergeist is a painful mental reaction that brings out internal aggression.”

Illustration of someone experiencing a poltergeist
Illustration of someone experiencing a poltergeist

So, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of the reality of the poltergeist. This phenomenon is infrequent, it can manifest itself completely unexpectedly. Or it may be that after living a long life, a person will never encounter anything supernatural. But still, if you had to meet with this, you should either look at who is next to you or figure yourself out.

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