Is the Bermuda Triangle real and as mysterious as they say?

Is the Bermuda Triangle real? The question some people always ask. In fact, there is probably no more mysterious and gloomy place on the planet than the Bermuda Triangle. More than a thousand people died or went missing here. For about five hundred years, ships have disappeared in this zone, and since the 20th century, aircraft have disappeared. There are many versions of why this happens, and it seems to answer the question: is the Bermuda Triangle real?

Every day they are refuted to make room for new ones to arise. This place is also called the Devil’s Triangle. It securely keeps its secrets, inaccessible to limited human understanding… Is the Bermuda Triangle real, an ominous and cursed place, or is it an exaggeration?

10 incidents that might explain the reality of Bermuda Triangle

1. Columbus and heavenly fire – 1492

The man who was long considered the discoverer of America stumbled upon something wild and inexplicable while passing through what is known today as the Bermuda Triangle. He described this phenomenon as a kind of fireball that hit the water right at the side of the ship. Compasses at this point just went crazy! The sailors could not understand what was happening.

Today, historians explain these phenomena quite calmly and rationally. They claim that the fireball was a meteorite. The strange compass readings were absolutely typical of the area’s magnetic field.

2. Thomas Lynch Jr. with his wife – 1779

Everyone knows the name, David Lynch. He is one of the most unusual personalities in the world. However, he is not the only Lynch whose name is associated with the darkness of mystery. In the 18th century, a certain Thomas Lynch Jr. disappeared in this anomalous zone along with his wife on their way to the West Indies. His personality is known to the general public because he was one of the signatories of the famous Declaration of Independence. In addition, he was the youngest participant in this historic event.

3. USS Cyclops – 1918

It would seem that the 20th century was a completely enlightened time. However, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has remained unsolved, and this phenomenon raises the question: is the Bermuda Triangle real?. Moreover, the number of victims of the strange zone has noticeably increased. The battleship Cyclops disappeared forever here with more than three hundred people on board. It was the largest non-combat related loss of Navy personnel.

4. Atalanta – 1880

The British frigate Atalanta left Bermuda and was never seen again. There are no traces of the ship or intelligible explanations for this to this day. This incident proves the reality and mysterious event that happens in Bermuda Triangle.

5. “Carroll A. Dearing” – 1921

The disappearances of the aforementioned ships are certainly mysterious, but not impressive. The situation is different with the cargo ship Carroll A. Dearing. First, the ship lost its captain. Due to a serious illness, he had to land in Delaware. The next destinations were to be Rio and Barbados. Upon arrival in North Carolina, the crew began to behave very strangely.

At Cape Hatteras, the Carroll A. Deering literally fell apart. Why this happened is not at all clear. It was also not possible to find out where the entire crew disappeared. The ship was completely empty and abandoned.

6. “Proteus” and “Nereus” – 1941

These ships were a copy of the Cyclops already mentioned above. They left the Virgin Islands loaded with bauxite and never made it to their destination. There is no evidence that the ships were attacked. They just disappeared.

7. Flight 19 – 1945

The history of this flight gave rise to the legend that this is an ominous place. This flight consisted of five aircraft from a bomber squadron that flew out of Fort Lauderdale on a training flight. For unknown reasons, they all disappeared without a trace in this zone, and twenty-seven people died or disappeared.

On top of that, the rescue team of 13 did not return either. Flight 19’s squadron sent several distress calls before disappearing. The pilots said that they did not know where they were and that “everything is wrong” and “the terrain looks strange.”

8. Sulfur Queen – 1963

This tanker is lost in the Bermuda Triangle. This ship was huge in size, but it disappeared without a trace. The ship was en route from Texas to Virginia with 39 people on board. According to some reports, “Sulphur Queen” had a tendency to catch fire. The Coast Guard even declared the ship unseaworthy, but this does not explain why it disappeared without a trace.

9. Lighthouse Great Isaac Kay – 1969

The victims of the merciless Triangle are not only floating ships. The lighthouse on the local island was built in the 1850s to prevent the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle. But he became more of a participant in mystical events than a protector from them. The lighthouse keepers were brave and hardy people. They all disappeared without a trace overnight. No traces of people were found. The recent hurricane was blamed for everything, but no one wanted to work at a place with notoriety.

In addition to this gloomy story, there is also a legend that a ship once crashed off the coast of the island. The disaster resulted in the death of all people on board, except for one small child. Locals claim that the baby’s mother, whom they call the “Gray Lady”, can still be seen wandering the island, and her wailing can be heard on a full moon. At first, the lighthouse was made automated, and then completely abandoned.

10. Aircraft Skymaster – 1971

Another plane case indicates the reality of the Bermuda Triangle. In the Triangle, it encountered a strong storm, the consequences of which were devastating. It is not known what influenced more – otherworldly forces or the human factor. But for unknown reasons, the experienced crew suffered a catastrophe. The wreckage has been found, but the truth about what led to the plane crash lies out there in the clouds of the Bermuda Triangle.

Planet Earth hides too many secrets, most of which are destined to remain unsolved, and these provide the answer to the question of the Bermuda Triangle is real.

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