Is this the biggest balloon-hater in the world?

Norwegian artist Jan Hakon Erichsen (41) has long been known as one of the biggest balloon haters in the world. The Creationingman, born in Oslo, invents almost daily constructions of razor-sharp objects with which he punches or slices, sometimes in a hilarious way, inflated balloons, of course, with the corresponding bangs. His Instagram account now has 400,000 followers.

Videos of his artful performances undoubtedly make for a smile, but Erichsen’s intentions, which mainly displays his high-profile art on Instagram and on exhibitions at home and abroad, are quite serious. On his website, the Norwegian reports that he acts and destroys for fear, anger, and frustration about everyday products.

In the case of the balloons, he criticizes the short life of the inflatable balls and the fact that the remains thereof are harmful to the environment. Erichsen does not only focus on balloons, but also on vulnerable foods such as uncooked spaghetti, corn tortillas, crispy crackers, chips, bananas, and cucumbers.

View a few examples of how the Noor destroys balloons:

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