Israeli army investigates death of 11-year-old Palestinian boy

The Israeli military has launched an investigation into a strange incident in the West Bank in which an 11-year-old Palestinian boy was shot and killed on Wednesday.

The events took place on Wednesday near an Israeli military base in Hebron. Israeli soldiers reported “suspicious activity” nearby: several men hit a car and started digging a well. When they had disappeared, the soldiers went to take a look and found, among other things, a bag in which the dead body of a newborn baby was wrapped.

A moment later another car drove up, which the soldiers thought was the same. When the driver ignored the military’s stop signal, they fired first into the air and then into the vehicle’s tires, bringing it to a stop.

When the soldiers came to take a look, they found an 11-year-old boy dead behind the wheel. “We are investigating the incident,” the Israeli army said.

According to Palestinian media, the boy was behind the wheel of his father’s car. According to media reports, residents had buried a stillborn baby in a cemetery. After the Israelis exhumed the body, the residents were asked to retrieve the body and bury it again.

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