Italian government supports the protest of ‘yellow vests’ against Macron

The Italian government supports the protest of the yellow vests in France. This is evidenced by a blog written by Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio on the website of his Five Star Movement, supported by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from Lega’s party.

“Yellow vests, keep a firm footing”, di Maio writes in the blog. He even offers the support of his party to assist the protest movement.

The leader of the Five Star movement argues that both in France and in Italy politics have been deaf for a long time for the sighs of the citizens who have absolutely no say in the decisions of the government – while those that have a major impact on their life. “The people are screaming to be allowed to participate in the decision-making process”, he adds. He urges the protesters to stand firm and points out that the Five Star movement has already joined the Italian parliament five years after its inception. “Those who insulted us have in the meantime disappeared from the political scene”, says di Maio.

On Saturday, an estimated 50,000 yellow vests protested in Paris.

Salvini, who clearly fully agrees with his cabinet colleague, has stated that he is supporting “honorable citizens” during their protests against the French president who ruled “against his people”.

The movement of the yellow vests groups are the people from the lower and middle classes who, since 17 November 2018, denounce the social and fiscal policy of the government, which they believe is unjust. They also demand more purchasing power. The citizen protest is expressed in the occupation of roundabouts and an action day every Saturday.

These French, who at the end of the month can hardly make ends meet, do not seem to be satisfied with the concessions made by President Emmanuel Macron regarding the tax on fuel and purchasing power. These French people now receive the support of the Italian government.

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