Italian Monastery from 17th century to close after Mother Superior falls in love

An Italian monastery from the 17th century has to close after the Mother Superior has fallen in love with a local man. The three remaining nuns are no longer able to continue the activities of the monastery. The Church then decided to close it.

The building in Tuscany was, according to the newspaper La Republica, entrusted to the nuns in 2015, after it had been vacant for several years. There were four Benedictine sisters living in it. But the Mother Superior, a woman in her forties, always full of energy and with a smile, fell in love with a man from the neighborhood.

In the monastery, there were twenty beds for pilgrims or tourists, and in the surrounding area, there were several bungalows. Olives and fruit were also grown there. But the three remaining nuns, one of which was over 80 years old, could no longer maintain the building and those activities.

In the neighborhood, everyone is at the heart of the fact that the church decided to close the Sansepolcro monastery. “It’s a very painful thing,” said the local bishop. The mayor also said that the local community is very disappointed.

Two nuns pregnant

Only recently in Italy, two nuns became pregnant during a mission to Africa and were shocked. The sisters came from two different monasteries in Sicily.

La Republica
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