2 nuns pregnant after a mission in Africa: Catholic Church starts investigation

The Catholic Church started an investigation after two nuns became pregnant while on a mission in Africa. The scandal caused turmoil as far as Rome.

The two women were originally African, but lived and worked in two separate monasteries in Sicily. They were both on a charity mission in Africa. Despite their ‘vow of chastity’, they now expect a child. One of them, a mother superior, discovered her pregnancy herself. The other, 34, was told by ANSA news agency during a medical examination after suffering from abdominal pain.

The nuns were both known for their efforts, but whether they will continue to do their job is highly uncertain. “The scandal caused great turmoil,” a church source in Rome to The Sun. “It is clear that the women had a sexual relationship.” The two would be under pressure to give up their jobs and leave the Catholic Church.

Mother Superior

The 34-year-old woman was to prepare in Palermo for the arrival of her child. She would be planning to leave monastic life behind. The mother superior has already returned to her home country Madagascar.

One of the women was in the monastery in the city of Ragusa in Sicily. Mayor Salvatore Riotta already said, “that the news was a shock, but it should have been kept quiet”.

2 nuns pregnant after a mission in Africa: Catholic Church starts investigation
Pope Francis has not yet responded, but the scandal would cause turmoil as far as Rome.

Sexual abuse

It is not known how the women became pregnant. At the beginning of this year, Pope Francis admitted that nuns are also sexually abused in the Catholic Church. “I know that priests and also bishops did that. And I believe it is still being done,” he answered a question about what the Vatican wants to do against the sexual abuse of sisters.

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