Jackie Chan reveals: “I spent my fortune on whores”

Jackie Chan (64) has an autobiography, called ‘Never Grow Up’. In it, the actor does not shy away from the shocking revelations of his career: he confesses spending a large part of his fortune on all kinds of gifts for friends, he went loose during gambling, and spent huge amounts on prostitutes.

The memoirs of the 64-year-old actor are full of remarkable anecdotes and high-profile stories. He describes, among other things, how he in the past was trapped behind the wheel. And caused an accident in which he drove two cars. According to Jackie Chan, that behaviour came from uncertainty and immaturity.

He also went about recklessly with his fortune. The waste started early in his life when Jackie Chan was still working as a stuntman. “We all knew that if something went wrong, I would not see the sun coming up the next day. I lived in the moment and that made me unwise about my money,” he writes. And when Chan finally managed to make it into a ‘full-fledged’ actor, the fence was completely out of the dam, and there was no longer any brake on his expenses.

No brake on expenses

“I always had large amounts of money with me. If you have always lived in poverty, money gives you a kind of security. I love being surrounded by people, so I always provided a luxurious meal. For example, 10 years ago I spent at least 2 million on food for others. And I also gave a lot of ridiculously expensive gifts. Watches, cars, leather jackets, expensive wine crates: you name it.” He did not just spend his money on gifts, because Chan reveals that he also spent a large part of his wealth on gambling and whores. In fact, one woman in particular: a prostitute whom he invariably calls ‘Number 9’ in his book.

Jackie Chan writes in his memoirs used to have been “a gigantic bastard”. “I have been a bad father and a husband, but I did what I had to do. I behaved so terribly because I was insecure. I was always looked down on.” He admits in the book that he has treated women badly, and even once threw his son Jaycee through the room out of anger. The now 36-year-old Jaycee was then only a toddler, but fortunately remained unharmed.

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