Japan: Floods kill 204 people

204 people have died in floods and dozens more are still missing in western Japan since Thursday, July 12th. A report announced by the government spokesman.

During a press briefing on this natural disaster, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called a crisis cell meeting.

Objective, find quick solutions for the victims. A previous balance sheet reported at least 179 deaths.

More than 70,000 military, police and firefighters were mobilized to search for survivors and remove remains from debris.

Currently the media reports that the country has suffered the worst weather disaster since 1982. According to investigations, it is about sixty people who are still not found.

According the interview from the survivors; “It’s the first time.” “I’ve never seen this, my family has lived here for generations, we’ve never experienced such a phenomenon” (The Cross reported)

Concerned observers are thinking about the issue of hazard assessment methods.

The government, heavily criticized by the opposition for managing the crisis, has acknowledged some responsibility.

“In recent years, we have seen rain-related disasters far more deadly than before. We need to review what the government can do to reduce the risks. We are doing everything possible to restore electricity and water in the affected areas. Said Mr Suga, on Wednesday afternoon.

Thousands of inhabitants are housed in public shelters, others have been welcomed by relatives. (AFP)

The water supply has been restored in parts of the district, an official told Reuters, adding that he was not able to say when the return to normal would be complete given that the engineers have not yet spotted all the breaks in the pipes.

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